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The wildLIFE Project
string, wood, ink, paint
each: 107" x 42" w x 25"d
steel, wood, glass, video components
72" x 45" x 12"
Cenotaph (detail)
steel, wood, glass, video
The Bell Shrine
claro walnut, holly, ink, bronze
65" h x 14" w x 11" d
Protect Pangolins!
8.5" x 10"

The wildLIFE Project is a new body of work that is inspired and informed by the issues and problems of poaching and its impact on wild life.

It was successfully funded on Hatchfund as part of their crowd funding program. This can be found at wildlife

The artist's passion for animals and particularly wildlife, is now emerging through her work as an advocacy project as thousands of elephants and rhinoceros are being poached monthly.

A signficant portion of sales of her works will go towards designated wildlife advocacy organizations.