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"You're a Sap, Mr. Jap"
"You're a Sap, Mr. Jap"
tar paper, video
48" x 48" x 3"

A favorite past time of mine as a child was watching Saturday morning cartoons: Popeye and Looney Tunes were my favorites. I vividly remember the cartoons which I later realized were very anti-Japanese and racist - in 1955 they were still running these cartoons. One of them had a great little jingle which I remember singing along "You're a Sap Mr Jap" - it was also the first time that I recognized my ethnicity being depicted in a cartoon.

This piece is covered with tarpaper, which was used in the construction of the camp barracks. The video monitor is situated at a child's height for viewing and plays a loop of three WWII cartoons depicting Japanese with buck teeth, very slanty eyes and big black glasses.

these cartoons can be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEK45-_5y0s