Portfolio > 1980-1990

Mickey MacIntosh
zolotone on poplar
66" h x 33" w x 18" d
wall sconce
wood, glass, metal glazing points, lighting components
16"h x 7"w x 4" d
Coffee Table
polychromed wood and neon
72"l x 36" d x 17" h
ebonized mahogany, silk/paper fabric by Nuno Corp
42" h x 15" w x 18" d
Blanket Chest
polychromed wood
42" w x 20" d x 34" h

1980 - 1985 I lived in Smithville Tennessee, where I worked and taught at the Appalachian Center for Crafts. This was an amazing time and I was able to meet and work (and party) with some incredible artists/craftsmen.

In 1985 I accepted a position at California College of Art(s and Crafts) in Oakland: I shared a studio with Gail Fredell on Magnolia Street from 1985-1989. Our shenanigans both in the studio and as teaching partners at CCA(C) were known far and wide - (this is where Gail earned her new trademark, "Flying Hammer Studios").