Portfolio > Simple Pleasures and Indulgences

polychromed mahogany, Yew Veneer
50" h x 18" w x 10" d
Roses are Blue
polychromed jelutong, mirror, glass
15" w x 8" h x 5" d
DreamLand (headboard)
jelutong, paper, roses, glass, mirror
60" w x 45" h x 4" d
Hot Lips (lipstick vanity)
polychromed jelutong, mirror
14" h x 9" w x 7" d
Changes (blanket chest)
formed and colored copper, painted poplar
60" w x 15" d x 18" h

Simple Pleasures and Indulgences was from two solo exhibitions held in NYC in 1992 and 1994 - the works was a series inspired by several trips abroad to England and France. All of us enjoy simple pleasures: and in this busy world, simple pleasures have become an indulgence. These indulgences range from sleeping/dreaming, chocolates, coffee, sex, and simply enjoying life.

photos: Cary Okazaki