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KOM (King of the Monsters)
polychromed jelutong, digital collage
46" w x 8"d x 6" h
King of the Monsters
polychromed wood, digital collage, godzilla figurine
60" h x 18" w x 22" d
King of the Monsters
laser burned steel
polychromed mahogany, meiji period woodblock print, digital print, Hello Kitty toy
30" w x 18" h x 5" d
Staring Men
polychromed mahogany, Meiji period woodblock print, Aphrodai figurine, digital print
36" w x 18" h x 4" d
Eight Views of Mashimaro
palm, bloodwood, ultrachrome digital print
40" w x 6" h x 5" d
Angry Asian Women
polychromed wood, oak, glass, digital prints, laserburned steel, figurines
60" h x 22" w x 18" d

A trip to Japan in 2002 not only uncovered a treasure trove of the old onnigata photos at a flea market but also a range of old undated woodblock prints from the Meiji period. Some of these prints were in pristine condition and others were a bit worn but still had character. I also spent considerable time browsing in toy stores in Tokyo, perusing the comic books and the large collections of figurines. Some figurines came from large vending machines, where one can also discreetly purchase porn magazines and dildoes.

The glass cases were inspired by the "ningyo" doll cases that many of my relatives and family members had in their homes. Most of these were "oyama" or "geisha" ningyo.

My versions used the figurines themselves.